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Timeline Projects

The digital timelines, “A History Hidden but Not Forgotten” and “Community Voices Japanese American Experiences at Crystal Cove (1927-1942)” depict a condensed representation of historical events that frame the experiences of families within two Japanese American communities. In “A History Hidden but Not Forgotten,” viewers can explore significant events that highlight the Furuta family’s experiences in Wintersburg and hear Mrs. Yukiko Furuta share her own recollections. “Community Voices: Japanese American Experiences at Crystal Cove (1927-1942)” features the oral histories of Emiko Sakamoto Sugiura, Takashi (Tak) Yamashita, Toshio (Tom) Honda, Don Miyada, and Joe Naruishi as they share their memories of being part of the Japanese American farming community that is now a part of Crystal Cove. Viewers can find the data that is presented in both timelines in the collections of this digital heritage preservation project.